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Need to hire a UX designer? I help teams and entrepreneurs quickly transform their ideas for products into apps and websites that empower their users and grow their business. My guiding philosophy is to be the low-stress designer you need: reliable, awesome at my job, and easy to work with.  

I’ve designed for a broad range of platforms (SaaS, web, mobile, and physical experiences) across niche B2B, B2C, and B2B2C industries – as a result I’m ready and able to adapt to your unique audience and business goals. 

Moreover, I’ve helped my clients plan their product roadmaps, refine pitch decks, grow early-stage product teams, adopt development methodologies that work towards their strengths, cover for major staff absences and transitions, and build trust between engineering/UX/product teams. 

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(Minimalist) Personas & User Journeys that capture user needs, customer concerns, and business goals, and above all – get everyone on the same page

Mockups of key pieces of functionality to help you to spark ideas, facilitate team discussions, and – most importantly – keep the ball rolling

Clickable prototypes that make it easy to test your ideas with customers before investing engineering time

Attractive mockups & keynote templates to share, for instance, on sales calls, product demos, and VC pitches

Robust wireframes that capture the granular details, responsive behaviors, and anything else your developers need to know

UX Roadmap Reports offer guidance on prioritization for major redesigns and pointers to resources to help you achieve success

High-fidelity wireframes – I have trusted visual design colleagues with whom I can work to bring your UI design to attractive, pixel-perfect fruition.


Pen & Paper


Sketch, Figma




Interaction Design

Design Thinking

User-Centered Design

Agile & Lean UX



Responsive Design

Adaptive Design

Information Architecture

Site Mapping

Affinity Diagramming

Design Patterns

Gestalt Principles


Service Offerings

example of a consumer mobile app that i designed from scratch

Product Strategy & UX Design from Scratch

Have an awesome idea, but not sure where to even start designing – let alone building?

I have partnered with many early-stage startup founders transform their lightbulb ideas into fully-fleshed mockups and/or prototypes. Similarly I will work with you to figure out the key needs of your users and hone in on the core functionality of your MVP – moving quickly and staying budget-friendly. 

My clients have used these as a starting point for pitching to VCs, making sales to fund their development, conducting market research and usability testing, or even just jumping straight into development. 

example of an IA diagram from a major redesign project that involved merging 3 disparate products (and polishing them all)

Major UX Redesigns

Finally time to finally tackle that design debt and move those KPIs in the right direction?

I’ve helped teams tackle major redesigns of their platforms, including fixing low-hanging fruit, redesigning hacky, patched-together workflows that confuse customers, and adding a level of polish and cohesiveness that make users feel appreciated and go “wow”. 

My work has helped clients increase conversion rates, reduce churn, improve NPS, reduce customer support tickets, pique major interest on sales demos, and increase self-service onboarding for freemium products. 

hire a ux designer to get from sketch to finished product - I stuck around til the end

Augmenting Your Team

Do you need to hire a UX designer, but can’t justify a new fulltime employee? 

Heck yeah! I’m here to rise to the challenge and get you back on track. 

I partner with my clients to learn your stack, your team strengths and preferences, your business goals, and whatever else I need to know to get you what you need, when you need it. 

I’m fortunate to lots of recurring work – my clients usually keep me on for quite awhile – therefore granting me the flexibility to tackle even small commitments. 


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& Game Design
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Data Visualization & Dashboards
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eCommerce & Cart Recovery
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Complex Enterprise Tools
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Copyediting & Storytelling
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Consumer Mobile Design
“[Amy] was able to dive in and figure out where to help, without hand-holding. She got the dev team unblocked with detailed guidance on what to build, and offered a useful perspective outside of design. She was always professional, flexible, and fun to work with. Highly recommended.”

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I’m delighted to offer you advice on where to start your UX design project  (whether you’re looking to DIY or hire a UX designer)!

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