Dashboard & Data Visualization Design

Need some help designing custom dashboards or data visualization? I make complex topics and large datasets accessible and beautiful through a mix of thoughtful workflow analysis, attractive visuals, deft storytelling, and polished interaction design. 

I’ve designed a wide array of challenging data visualization projects including: 

  • Designing the data visualization-heavy HR compensation platform Compa.as
  • Co-creating a patented scaleable node grid for security startup BitSight Technologies
  • Generating a series of layperson-friendly visualizations for the mobile dating app MyTrue
  • Redesigning and integrating several energy-efficiency visualizations and workflows into a single cohesive platform for Retroficiency
data visualization design pixel art


Articulation of key user personas, questions, and concerns

Actionable sketches and recommendations that identify the best types of data visualizations to apply to each question you’re trying to answer

Clickable prototypes that make it easy to test your ideas with customers before investing engineering time

Attractive mockups & keynote templates to demonstrate your ideas on sales calls, product demos, and VC pitches

Robust wireframes that capture the granular details, responsive behaviors, and anything else your developers need to know

Powerful, polished interactive data visualizations and beautiful, readable infographics built in Tableau or d3.js (with the help of trusted engineering colleagues)


Pen & Paper


Sketch, Figma


Excel, Tableau, d3.js


Stakeholder Interviews

Workflow Analysis

Data Science 

Data Analysis & Data Modeling

User Research

Usability Testing

Responsive Design

Adaptive Design

Competitive Research

Analogous Research

Service Offerings

A few data viz examples from a live sketch session in a coffeeshop - where we generated ideas for a MVP

Data Visualization Sketch Sessions

Have a tight budget, but also need something awesome like yesterday? 

In just a few hours, I will quickly design and mock up rough drafts of visualizations based on questions you’re trying to answer. Moreover, I will also offer guidance for potential machine learning-driven insights or additional data you might want to collect. 

We focus on the deliverables that get you unblocked, for example: pen-and-paper sketches, keynote templates, or polished mockups. 

As a result, my clients use these to inform their MVPs or even to start selling their software THE VERY SAME DAY.  

example of (part of) a fast, attractive dashboard redesign that I did for a client in a few hours

Speedy Dashboard Redesigns

Have a clunky dashboard that desperately needs some redesign love?

I will review your existing pain points, identify key user questions that aren’t getting answered, and analyze your data. After that, over the next few days I will transform what I’ve learned into a set of functional, attractive mockups. 

In addition to helping my clients increase their customer (and internal user) happiness – I’ve also helped them increase overall adoption rates by offering their users effective entry-points into the best parts of their platforms. 

one of many, many data visualizations i designed for a yearlong project

Ongoing Custom Data Design Consulting

Just need some trusted ongoing expertise in data visualization & UX?

We partner together for as long as you need to develop and polish your platform at the optimal cadence for your dev team and business goals. 

These engagements may last months or years. During that time I help my clients refine their offerings, integrate new data sources, adjust tools or visualizations for other platforms, or even launch new product lines.


“…[Amy] has helped our product move from static graphs to powerful, interactive analytics. As we worked together over the past year, I’ve been impressed by Amy’s ability to walk us through our complex data visualization challenges, and to always put our customer’ needs first.”

Want to learn more?

I’m delighted to offer you advice on where to start on your data visualization or dashboard design project (whether you’re looking to DIY or hire someone)!

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